Hi, I'm Alex.

Hello! I'm Alex, and I love to make things. Whether that means modeling assets for a video game or building websites or designing my next 3D printed gizmo, my passion for bringing ideas to life is what drives me. I can almost always be found tinkering with a project or two or five and I'm always excited to take on new challenges. Currently I work as an animator at Eight Bit Studios in Chicago & I also run a shop full of awesome 3D printed items called Illogical.

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The works featured here are pulled directly from my Dribbble page. They represent a selection of my digital works; a sample serving of the stuff I produce on a daily basis. Some of the projects shown here were produced for my job; some are personal pieces. Others, still, are merely experiments.

Think Illogical.

Illogical is my way of adding a little bit of wonder to the world. Every product is designed to serve as a reminder of the infinite mysteries that surround us. They pay tribute to the fascinating stories of math and science and nature that live around every corner. Accompanying each item is a lesson, a tiny tidbit of information about the subject that inspired its form. My hope is that by revealing the source from which a design was abstracted I can inspire curiosity and encourage my patrons to see their world as a place of questions to be asked and discoveries to be made.

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